Friday Funk: The Basis Point’s Official Theme Song

It’s that time again to ease into weekend mode, and this week’s Friday Funk installment is one of the many live instrumentation funk cuts from the Beastie Boys. As Friday Funk loyalists know, one of the many reasons I love the genre is because it makes for epic theme music. Last time I mentioned this was 18 months ago when I shared what I believe is my theme song given that I play the long game with everything I do.

And now tonight, I give you The Basis Point’s theme song. B For My Name isn’t just legit funk by my favorite band of all time, but it proves how many styles a band, team, or any other creative collective can master over decades—Beasties are obviously know for rap, but they started as punk rockers, and did tons of funk along the way (The Mix Up and The In Sound From Way Out are all-instrumental albums).

This past November marked year 11 since I first set up The Basis Point, and it’s been through many media and consulting iterations as a business. But only now are we finding our voice, building the team, and getting serious about both. Creativity and technical expertise are the basis of all points we try to hit in our media and consulting work, and I hope you all stay tuned as we go deeper. But for now, it’s time to get your cool back for the weekend. Enjoy…

Liner Notes:

-If you like Friday Funk, here’s the full Friday Funk playlist on Spotify.

-If you don’t like Friday Funk, please consult our music policy.

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