Hell In A Bucket


I’ll admit, I’m generally the guy who’s trying to get through things rather than enjoying the ride. The weird thing is that I don’t have many regrets and I don’t harbor bitterness about much at all. I tend to look back with fond memories on most things I was dreading at the time.

I think it’s because I add this unnecessary level of gravity to any particular goal du jour, which creates expectations that everything is going fall apart if I don’t achieve it. Then when I do, in full or in part, I look back and say: Hmmm, that actually worked out pretty well. Or as my wife says: See, it didn’t totally suck after all. She even has the grace to spare me the eye roll some days.

So I may be going to hell in a bucket, but at least I end up enjoying the ride.

And with that, I offer up tonight’s 31 Days of Rocktober installment, The Grateful Dead’s 1987 song Hell In A Bucket. This one’s for my wife, who needs to know that I’m enjoying the ride more than I lead on some days.

Song Link:
Hell In A Bucket – Grateful Dead (youtube)

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