Hey Scottrade Actor Chad Ridgeway: New Ads Soon? Don’t Leave Me Hanging…Chad (VIDEOS)

LimoHangingChadDear Chad: I wanted to say thanks for the follow on Twitter last week. I fully appreciate all of my early @TheBasisPoint followers, but your follow hit me right in the feelings. I think it’s because of your phrases like “it hurt me too, right in the feelings,” and because of the epic pinky ring you wear as the A-hole stockbroker you play in Scottrade’s ads, which are just as funny every time I see them.

For those interested, below are two of my favorite ads with @thechadridgeway as the A-Hole stockbroker. Doug, Doug, Goose is an outtake of a longer ad where he doesn’t even know his client’s name. It’s the best riff on the name Doug since Ed Helms sang The Doug Song in The Hangover.

And as for you Mr. Ridgeway, the votes have been counted: you’re a hit. So don’t leave us hanging, Chad. Do some more Scottrade ads or movies or whatever—and promote them heavily so we don’t miss out.


(who recently compared Scottrade’s Chad ads vs. their old ads)

Unicorn Ranch

Doug, Doug, Goose