Home Price Roundup: Zillow, CoreLogic, Case Shiller, FHFA

Zillow’s October home price report yesterday showed that:

-Home prices dropped 0.3% September to October

-Prices dropped 5.1% year-over-year through October

-Below are two charts on price levels as well as actual prices.

Zillow’s dataset covers 18 million homes in 3,000 counties. But I’m not sure if it includes only single family homes or if it also includes condos and 2-4 units. If anyone knows, please chime in. Here’s Zillow’s full October report.

I’m more familiar with methodology of some other widely followed reports from Case Shiller, CoreLogic, and FHFA. I summarized all of those latest reports in one post last week (including what homes are counted for each), which you can read here.