How Much Do Realtors Spend Lobbying Higher Loan Limits?

For an update on the extension/restoration of higher loan limits, and how much money the National Association of Realtors’ contributes to the cause, read this. For actual loan limits right now, read this. And below is the latest from Moody’s on jumbo mortgage defaults.

Any investor who owns pools of jumbo loans took careful note when Moody’s said, based on its analysis of mortgage-backed bond portfolios, homeowners with jumbos now constitute “greater strategic default risk” than any other type of borrowers, including subprime. “That’s because an exceptionally high number of jumbo owners – many in high-cost markets hit by real estate deflation over the past several years – are stuck with persistent negative equity. More than half of the jumbos analyzed by Moody’s where owners are still making payments have home market values lower than their outstanding loan balances.”