I’ll Sleep When I’m Rich

A few Points on the economics of waking up early and often…


– I used to hate early rising weekend world beaters.

– Now I’m one of them, and I love it.

– So this Saturday morning, I apologize to all early rising world beaters for my former cynicism.

– But that doesn’t mean new cynicism doesn’t rise.

– The latest out of Silicon Valley is solving sleep, so we’ll soon wake up to sleep startups worth billions. Check this out:

First, close the blackout blinds in your bedroom. Eat dinner at 4pm, and do not eat or drink anything after 6pm. Put on your blue-light blocking glasses at 8pm. Set your bedroom temperature to 67ºF (19.4ºC) and your electric blanket to 69.8ºF (21ºC). At 8:45pm, meditate for five to ten minutes. Switch on your deep-wave sound machine. Put on your Oura sleep-tracking ring. You are now, finally, ready for slumber. This may all sound a bit over the top. But this is the “sleep hygiene” routine described in a recent blog post by Bryan Johnson, who sold his previous company to eBay for $800m and is now chief executive of Kernel, a startup developing brain-computer interfaces. He admits that his sleep routine has “decimated my social life”, and that his partner sleeps in a different room, but says all this trouble is worth it, because it has boosted his level of “deep sleep” by as much as 157%. He has bought Oura rings for all his employees.

– GTFO. This is a quintessential rich people solution searching for a problem.

– But I’ll be wrong in the end because the sleep tech market was $58b in 2014 and will grow to $81b by next year.

– The 25/8 work culture Silicon Valley created is the disease, and now it’ll get richer being the cure.

– That’s both the cynic and pragmatist in me.

– Because that’s how this will play out.

– Smart people lose tons of sleep getting rich, then when they have enough money to have enough time to rest and think, they find brilliant ways to market what we all want most: enough time to rest and think about ways to get enough money.

– Circle of life.

– Sweet unicorn dreams… stay woke on the investment ideas.