Is ChatGPT free still? Sort of. Here’s pricing, functionality, API details on OpenAI GPT-4 upgrade.


Kyle Wiggers at TechCrunch has a good briefing on the new ChatGPT 4, with pricing for developers using APIs. Is ChatGPT free for everyday users still?

Sort of. It’s still free, but if you’re like our team, you’re seeing the free ChatGPT be unavailable quite a bit more lately. Check for yourself.

OpenAI says the never-down version is $20 per month.

Speaking for The Basis Point, we plan to write all our own posts like we always have.

So I don’t see paying $20 per month so we can feed you AI web search results disguised as housing, banking, and fintech intel.

We, like many, may feel different for developer uses. TechCrunch reports the developer API pricing is $0.03 per 1,000 “prompt” tokens (about 750 words) and $0.06 per 1,000 “completion” tokens (again, about 750 words).

We’ll keep reporting on ChatGPT, including clever uses for developers that we’re seeing. But it’s still too early.

Are you seeing anything cool being done with ChatGPT in housing, banking, fintech?

Please comment or reach out directly!

Note: pricing image above is from this ZDNet post 3/8/23.

OpenAI's new ChatGPT free for basic use (with these caveats), and here's the latest on developer API pricing for GPT-4.

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