Julian Assange On Mark Zuckerberg As Time ‘Person Of The Year’

I [Julian Assange] give you private information on corporations for free and I’m a villain. Mark [Zuckerberg] gives your information to corporations for money and he’s man of the year.” This is a cringingly accurate portrayal of Assange by Saturday Night Live’s Bill Hader (video below). Unlike The Daily Show, SNL goes for pure jokes without blending in activism, but this was a notable (and still funny) exception. And here’s some stunning Daily Show activism from last Thursday—you’ll laugh, but may also cry as 9/11 first responders tell their side.

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  1. Sugarleg says:

    I am a stalwart SNL fan no matter their uneven record. sketches like this prove their genius. and Facebook, YIKES. thank God for Jon Stewart or else we may not have had the Zadroga Bill pass, however underfunded its final version is.

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