Julian Hebron CNNMoney Front Page

Wow. My Facebook Effect On San Francisco Real Estate piece was picked up by CNNMoney and ran on their front page this morning. Pretty awesome.

Does this mean I can’t do any more Hey CNNMoney: Please Learn The Mortgage Business posts?

Not sure yet. Still enjoying the buzz of having some hard work gain a broader audience. And laughing about comments from colleagues, friends, family like this a friend sent to my wife:

Also awesome that he got CNN to run an article that includes the phrase “it blows.”

You’re going to have to read the piece to find out the context.

Full gratitude to Paul at CNNMoney, blogfather Phil at Stocktwits, Josh at ReformedBroker and all of my readers and followers. I’ll hit you guys individually, but just know that I’m grateful.

Here are both Facebook Effect On San Francisco Real Estate links and a screenshot:

Original on TheBasisPoint (with images/charts)

Piece reprinted in full on CNNMoney (sans charts)