Keanu Reeves on crypto, ChatGPT, and killing special effects in John Wick 4

As with all things always, Keanu is there when needed. Wired just asked him if crypto was only for underworld cats like those in John Wick. His answer shall be celebrated, especially because Keanu Reeves crypto long game love comes as the crypto crackdown crests in Washington.

Keanu crypto quote above, and below is the interview he did alongside John Wick creator Chad Stahelski.

Wired’s Angela Watercutter also covered ChatGPT, and why the John Wick franchise keeps special effects at a minimum.

A great interview with our great savior, who is both against and at one with the machines.

Bravo to Angela. Now go read it…


Keanu Will Never Surrender To The Machines (Wired)

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