Like OMG guys, this TikTok ban is so infuriating. And politicians will eat themselves as it unravels.


A potential TikTok ban is a stark reminder to all creators that you must own at least 1 or 2 platforms you post on so they can never be taken from you.


Politicians comically struggle with technology, and everyone saying just how much politicians don’t get TikTok are right.

I’m not talking about the data risk part, I mean like how it actually works to put up your content, make it cool, and grow an audience and/or business.

People who’ve built audiences and businesses using social platforms, newsletters, and websites know all the details, quirks, nuances that make their messages work.

Only those publishing and broadcasting everyday know how hard this grind is.

So I can see why people are so pissed at politicians about this.

Earlier this month, I half-jokingly asked this in a headline:

Is a U.S. TikTok ban supported by GOP actually a plan to poison Biden with young voters?

Short answer: Absolutely Yes.

Longer answer: Absolutely Yes, but only after they realize people will turn on them.

This TikTok ban has had bipartisan support, which media folks point to as a sign of hope for Washington.

But those are the only folks who might care about bipartisanship.

Politicians are partisans by definition, and they care about one thing: reelection.

So, as it sinks in that they’ll lose votes because of this TikTok ban, they’ll find a way to blame it on the other side.

The anger is too real with voters whose livelihoods are tied up in TikTok and other platforms.

This TikTok ban saga is a stark reminder for creators to diversify platform use.

So I’ll offer 4 notes on platform strategy as a creator and small business owner.

First, you can only diversify to so many platforms. It’s way harder than it looks just to be good at 1 or 2 platforms. All committed creators know this.

Second, you therefore must choose at least 1 to 3 platforms you can handle, and do your thing. So if one goes away for whatever reason (including political whims), you’re left with something.

Third, you must take this TikTok ban potential as a lesson that any platform you don’t own can be taken from you. Of your minimum 1 to 3 chosen platforms, you must own at least 1.

Fourth, I believe in websites and newsletters because they’re the easiest to own. They’re arguably more work to build/maintain, and harder to build audiences on, but they’re yours.

That’s how The Basis Point rolls. We custom build our site, publishing tech, and newsletters.

Do we forego way more exposure by focusing less on social right now? Yes.

But we know our content travels on social anyway because there’s always room for substantive content.

And one thing I can tell you: Google Analytics spikes and newsletter replies are just as rewarding — and helpful to business building — as social likes and comments.

Good luck out there, and let me know how you make platform decisions.

Also check 2 pieces below on TikTok how users are revolting against the politicians.


‘So infuriating’: TikTokers are fuming over potential ban (TechCrunch)

Gap grows between TikTok users, lawmakers on potential ban (AP)



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  1. Brian Vieaux says:

    This is terrific perspective Julian — I’ve been thinking about this a lot, as rely mostly on LinkedIn for my b2b marketing, awareness and engagement.

    1. What’s up Brian! Tx for the comment, and yes, these platform decisions are always top of mind! My observation of your ‘main 2’ are LI and your pod, which you do both extremely well. And per my remarks above, I think the pod is esp important since you own that. Which reminds me, I know I owe you a pod visit, so we can make this one of the topics 👊


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