Linkage: the latest real estate innovation—live in a boomer’s basement!

Today’s Linkage is all about what your home means to you. Is it an investment, or just the roof over your head?

Investing app Acorns wants you to start thinking about whether your home is an investment (see article below that’s part of its partnership with CNBC), which makes sense as its millennial customers grow up. Why invest in a home when you could put that money in the stock market with Acorns, right?

Baby boomers who are veteran homeowners view their homes as their castles, and don’t want to sell and downsize. Who can blame them? I wouldn’t want to spend 30 years in a home paying off a mortgage just to live in a smaller house when all is said and done.

But for those of us who have a hard time finding a starter home, some advocates are pushing for those boomers in big houses to rent out their basements—so get ready to hear a lot more about in-law units.

To round it out, we have some good economic data—mortgage underwriting looks healthy. Keep that in mind when you hear people ring alarm bells about the next financial crisis.

Read all about it below.

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