LOL, best bank crisis GIF: SVB impact on realtors


The Information’s Zara Stone wrote a piece on how Silicon Valley Bank fallout is impacting realtors. Spoiler alert: it’s a realtor rough patch, partly because First Republic, also severely impacted in the fallout, is a huge home lender in Silicon Valley. Also, the story’s GIF art by Clark Miller is perhaps the best bank crisis GIF so far.

If you don’t recognize it, this is Annette Bening’s frantic realtor Carolyn Burnham from American Beauty preparing for an open house, but Clark obv put in the SVB logo. Brilliant stuff.

Annette Bening won an academy award for her realtor role in this movie, and I hope Clark Miller will accept this ‘Best GIF of Bank Crisis’ award from The Basis Point.

My prediction about Bay Area realtors:

They’re nothing like Bening’s caricature. They know what’s up and they’ll hustle their way through this like they have every other crisis.

Links to Zara’s piece below (subscription required), plus First Republic mortgage stats.

Also linked below is Bening’s famous ‘I will sell this house today’ scene which inspired Clark’s GIF.


Silicon Valley’s Realtors, Like Its Bankers, Are Having a Tough Month

See First Republic’s huge home lending stats in one table

American Beauty ‘I Will Sell This House Today’ scene (YouTube)

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