Originations: Why do we want home prices to rebound?

Today I’m kicking off a new daily link-fest called Originations. When it comes to lending operations, all banks are measured in originations, so I’m re-purposing the word to make this a place where you can originate your market reading day.

And since The Reformed Broker Josh Brown shared his deep blogging insights when he visited two nights ago, I’ll kick off with his recap of a housing conversation he had with one of my best friends at happy hour…

-Why Do We Want Home Prices To Rebound In The First Place? (The Reformed Broker)

-Why You Can’t Get A Mortgage (CNNMoney)

-New Loan Agent Pay Rule May Cost Home Loan Borrowers (Amy Hoak, Marketwatch)

-Trends In Mortgage Lending For 2011 (National Mortgage Pro)

-New album from New Orleans all-star jazz-funk band – listen below (Garage A Trois )