Linkage: Robot journalist out-writes human

Writing daily market commentary can make one feel like a robot, but I’ll be so bold as to say a computer can’t do it better because market participants have too many differing agendas. That said, a robot writer just bested a sports writer. So to the financial writers linked below: watch your backs. Bleep, blorp.

-Business Journalists Dominate Pulitizers (Heidi Moore via TalkingBizNews)

-Robot journalist out-writes human (The Next Web)

-FHA: A Bigger Down Payment Isn’t Necessarily Better (Peter Miller, HSH)

-Proposed Lender Risk Retention Rules Harm Credit-Worthy Borrowers & Housing Recovery (NAR White Paper)

-Mortgage Servicing Costs Goldman Nearly $220m In 1Q2011 (Jon Prior, HousingWire)

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