Linkage: It Ain’t Cool Being No Jive Turkey So Close To Thanksgiving

Trading Places is one holiday movie that’s always in my family’s queue this time of year. A classic to say the least, but the overwhelming reason is because of the jail cell scene. I posted a terrible copy of it on YouTube some years back, and it’s still the top search result when you Google “It ain’t cool being no jive turkey so close to Thanksgiving.” One of my more proud achievements. Link to the scene among today’s links below, and here are my top five favorite things about that scene:

1. Quart Of Blood Technique

2. Gus from Breaking Bad (@quiethandfilms on twitter) is dude in tank top

3. Cops, SSSS, plural

4. Karate Man bruise on the inside

5. What is you, ignorant?

Enjoy and have a great day as you wind it down and get ready for family time.