Originations: Best Europe News Resources

Today’s Originations linkfest is on how to keep up to speed on Europe—which is critical for U.S. rate markets.

– For mainstream financial media, I think the FT’s Europe coverage is the broadest, clearest and fastest. Only problem: some of it’s behind a pay wall. The rest of the sources below are free.

– The Research Team does a great job covering Europe in short, sweet daily and weekly posts. Incredibly useful.

Robert Sinn aka @StockSage1 is a professional trader and macro analyst with a knack for cutting to the bottom line on Europe. Don’t miss his Sage Weekly Letter on Saturdays.

– Robert is a fellow member of the Stocktwits Blog Network, which is an arsenal of succinct and actionable content on all key finance topics including Europe. The link goes to the live stream for all Stocktwits blogs. Also you’ll want to watch the $EURUSD stream on Stocktwits which is an invaluable real time feed of Euro/Dollar trading and all critical breaking European finance news.

Lorcan Roche Kelly is lead European strategist at economic analysis firm Trend Macrolytics. I started following him a couple months ago and he’s a bit wonky for your average consumer, but I’m unquestionably better informed because of his insights—and you will be too.

– Kelly is also part of a good Tweeting Europe writeup that Nancy Miller did last week for Barron’s. Summary graphic below, and her piece has more details on each person.

If you’ve got reliable go-to resources to stay up to speed, please comment below!