Linkage: Europe’s woes in 1 paragraph

Originations links … good mortgage, housing and other stories I’ve been reading past few days.

– This pretty much sums up European situation (Krugman)

What would it really take to save Europe’s single currency? The answer, almost surely, would have to involve both large purchases of government bonds by the central bank, and a declared willingness by that central bank to accept a somewhat higher rate of inflation. Even with these policies, much of Europe would face the prospect of years of very high unemployment. But at least there would be a visible route to recovery.

– BofA-Countrywide “worst deal in history of American finance” (WSJ)

– Private Equity Has Too Much To Spend On Homes (Bloomberg)

– The Four Cs of Mortgage Underwriting (KCM Blog)

– David Stevens staying on as MBA head after all (WSJ)

– Here are the taxes for Obamacare (BusinessInsider)

– What economists need to know about money creation (Manmohan Singh & Peter Stella via Interloper)