Linkage: U.S. Housing Recovery Edition

This Originations linkfest devoted to lots of housing recovery news/data in last couple weeks:

-Phil Angelides, former regulator leading financial crisis probes, to run new mortgage firm (Reuters)

-5 Reasons 2012 Will Be Start Of U.S. Housing Recovery (SoberLook via PragCap)

-3 More Charts That Support The Bull Case For Housing (Joe Weisenthal)

-JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon: Housing At Bottom (Maria Bartiromo)

-BUT… Dimon also says housing recovery at risk because ‘No One In Charge’ (Bloomberg)

-Economist Tom Lawler (bio): Housing Forecast for 2012 (CalculatedRisk)

-The Fixer Upper Trade—foreclosure remodeling will drive these stocks (Josh Brown)

-Fund Managers Warming To Housing (WSJ)

-LATEST STATS: Home Prices | Existing Home Sales | New Home Sales | Housing Starts

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