Linkage: When & Where It’s Better To Buy Than Rent

Today’s Originations linkfest: some good catch-up reading on housing and rate markets. Kicking off with rent vs. buy analysis.

– Taking Price-To-Rent analysis one step further (Svenja Maarit Gudell, Zillow economist)

– Latest Jumbo MBS Stats (as of 11/16 and as of 11/30. Jody Shenn, Bloomberg)

– Key Facts On CFPB’s New Mortgage Disclosures (Raymond Fleishmann, ScotsmanGuide)

– How FHA’s Weak Finances Could Shape Housing Policy (Nick Timiraos, WSJ)

– Bond Investor Gundlach Buys Stocks, Sees ‘Kaboom’ Ahead (Bloomberg)

– QE3 Has Had A Large Effect On Mortgage Rates (Jody Shenn, Bloomberg)

– Fed Attempts To Quantify Why Rates Lag MBS Improvements (MortgageNewsDaily)
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