Linkage: Where Does Fed QE Obsession Go Next?

Here’s your Originations linkfest … must-read mortgage & housing stories last few days:

-The Market’s Obsessive Fixation On The Fed & QE (bond manager David Schawel)

On this topic, after today’s MBS rout & rate spike, here’s where obsession may go next:

-PIMCO Says Fed To Shift Operation Twist To Mortgages (Margaret Brennan, Bloomberg)

-The Irrelevance Of Bank Reserves (via John Carney, CNBC)

-Home Affordability Reality Check (TheBigPicture)

-Investors Looking To Buy Thousands Of Homes (Morgan Brennan, Forbes)

-Who’s Going To Pay For Universal Mortgage Principal Reductions? (Stan Humphries, Zillow)
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