Revisiting the guy who went viral for using ChatGPT to launch a startup with $100. Is it working?


In March, agency owner and designer Jackson Fall went viral for instructing ChatGPT to start a business for him with just $100. He’s since done an interview with digital bank Mercury — which, as a side note, has done extremely well in the fallout of SVB and First Republic who’d catered to startups. In a Mercury blog interview, Fall shares his lessons and results so far.

To recap:

– The ChatGPT startup idea was to create an affiliate marketing site selling eco-friendly products.

– ChatGPT came up with the Green Gadget Guru brand name and ChatGPT counterpart Dall E came up with the logo.

– He launched the site with about $60, and was instructed to use the other $40 on Facebook and Instagram ads.

– He raised $1378.84 in funding.

– As for whether this has made any money, the Mercury blog reports:

– “Fall has made $130 so far, mostly from promoted tweets around the idea. The website has one active partnership and no revenue from sales.”

– But here are some interesting residual effects:

– Fall went from 3000 to 100,000 Twitter followers in just 10 days.

– As of today, he has 132.8k followers.

– He was contacted by CNN for an interview when this was going viral, and he asked ChatGPT what to say, which instructed him to use the interview to recruit employees.

The moral of the story is obvious: building a business requires good old fashioned time, effort, and money.

But marketing and buzz goes a long way, and Fall’s creative business surely gets a boost from these activities.

A link to the Mercury blog post is below.

Jackson Fall started an affiliate marketing site with $100 by doing what ChatGPT told him. Great marketing but is it great money?

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