Rocktober 11: Lost Control – Joy Division

It’s plain which candidates lost control of the first two Election 2012 debates (in each voter’s mind anyway). So tonight’s Rocktober pick from post-punkers Joy Division is for them: She’s Lost Control was on the band’s 1979 debut album Unknown Pleasures, but it was originally introduced at a live show in 1978. Fitting title for debate losers (sans the “She’s”) and also appropriate given Joy Division front man Ian Curtis’ plainly awkward stage presence.

Also as a Rocktober bonus and pop culture fun fact that’ll take your mind off politics, posting two versions of New Dawn Fades, another song from Unknown Pleasures.

The first is Joy Division’s original. The second is a version by Moby, which was used in a scene from Michael Mann’s 1995 crime classic Heat. It’s played just before the famous diner scene in which Al Pacino and Robert De Niro appeared on screen together for the first time. You can hear the song fade out as the scene begins here.

Youtube song links:
She’s Lost Control – Joy Division

New Dawn Fades – Joy Division original

New Dawn Fades – Moby cover (on Heat movie soundtrack)

De Niro & Pacino diner scene from Heat