Rocktober 21: Don’t Stop Believin – Journey


After tonight’s game six NLCS win against the St. Louis Cardinals put the San Francisco Giants one game away from the World Series, it’s only fitting that this Rocktober installment is Don’t Stop Believin by Journey. This song became the Giants anthem during the 2010 post season, which the Giants emerged from as champions. Journey was formed in San Francisco and lead singer Steve Perry was in the Giants 2010 World Series victory parade.

And if the Giants win game 7 tomorrow and play the Detroit Tigers in the World Series, you better believe Journey’s song will be in the crossfire. Don’t Stop Believin contains the lyric “just a city boy, born and raised in South Detroit” and the song is on the Tigers stadium song list.

As for tonight’s game, here’s what Metallica front man James Hetfield said about the Cardinals when handed the mic before the game.

And I’m putting it writing here: my team gets off early to get home for game 7 tomorrow.

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Don’t Stop Believin – Journey

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