Selling To Wealthy Clients? Study These Slides.

Working on a presentation I’m giving later today on “Lending To & Consulting With Wealthy Clients,” and wanted to share some excerpts from a day-long workshop I attended November 4.

The workshop was hosted by Dr. Jim Taylor, vice chairman of Harrison Group, a market research firm for Fortune 100 companies. Everything he said that day was incredibly useful. Sometimes these workshops are full of fluff. This one was full of relevant data.

Below are a few slides that resonated with me today when reviewing the full set of Harrison research again. All but the last two have broad applicability; last two are on real estate.

Note that some of these slides introduce concepts and questions that are answered as part of Harrison’s day-long curriculum. Also note that I’m not some paid endorser. I’m posting these without permission from Harrison, so I want to be clear just how valuable I found their full program.

If you’re looking to understand affluent customers, contact the Harrison Group to learn more.

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