STAT FIGHT! You say: I work 24/7. Survey says: STFU.


How much time do you actually spend working during your workday? 2 hours? 15 minutes?

Oh, you’re working the full 8-10 hours? The hell you are. Let’s grab the data and have ourselves a STAT FIGHT.

The U.S. Census Bureau collects data on what you do every day for the American Time Use survey, and it reveals a lot.

Even as all work and no play culture takes over, we don’t actually spend a ton of our time working.

I mean besides you, who can’t stop telling everyone how busy you are.

Our biggest time block is sleeping about 9 hours of every weekday. A healthy stat, and I’ll fight any of you “up at 4am everyday” mofos right now.

Our next biggest pastime is work, but this only takes 4.3 hours on average!

Four hours? Who’s taking this survey?!

Aren’t we all grinding 25 hours 8 days a week?

Or those surveyed said f**k it and were just honest about time they actually spend working at work.

Here’s how the government got this data:

Households are selected that represent a range of demographic characteristics. Then, one person age 15 or over is randomly chosen from the household to answer questions about his or her time use.

Hmm, age 15 or over? Are bored, non-working teenagers skewing the results?

Anyway, onto the good stuff: leisure time survey results.

We get 4 blessed hours of leisure time every day.

That seems high too. Doesn’t it feel like you get like 5 minutes to fall asleep in front of Netflix before you fall asleep to face another day in the salt mines?

Let’s fight about it. Is workaholism our only true religion, or do we just spend most time at work not actually working?

Arm yourself with this report and come strapped for a 4 hour water cooler STAT FIGHT. Just make sure you got a good night’s sleep.


Average hours per day spent in selected activities by sex and day (Bureau of Labor Statistics)




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