With crypto enthusiasm curbed, Larry David Super Bowl ads replaced with booze


This Sunday is the ‘Super Bowl’ for advertisers. Get it?

Thirty-second ads sell for about $6.5 million, roughly the price of 2 amazing townhouses near Penn’s Landing in Philly or 4 luxury homes in the Kansas City suburbs.

Last year’s Super Bowl was dubbed “Crypto Bowl” after 4 crypto companies came in hot, dropping millions for seconds of airtime during the Rams/Bengals.

FTX splurged (real money I hope) on a 2+ minute ad comparing crypto to the invention of the wheel, democracy, and indoor plumbing, and then collapsed soon after.

This year, with crypto enthusiasm curbed, the Larry David crypto show will be replaced by booze ads.

Fun Fact: legal experts think Larry David is the crypto ad star most likely to escape lawsuits claiming FTX lured unwitting consumers into the abyss. Why? Because his signature schtick in the FTX ad was to be skeptical about it.

Anyway, ALL FOUR crypto companies planning ads for this year pulled out, allowing this fan favorite to steal the show … booze.

I guess fortune doesn’t favor the brave like Matt Damon’s ad taught us.

This year, fortune favors the buzzed.

So I humbly offer my 2023 Super Bowl ad tagline:

Tastes Great, Less Bankrupted.

I also hope you enjoy our amazing post art — a Budweiser ad edit from our creative director Dennis!

Enjoy the game, and cheers to 2022’s super crypto fumble. May the hangovers pass quickly.

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