The Basis Point Is Open For Business


To all of my family, friends, partners, readers, and followers:

I’m thrilled to announce I’ve stepped off the corporate path to focus full time building The Basis Point into a sales and strategy consultancy for consumer finance & real estate companies, and a way cool financial media platform.

The Basis Point has served me well as a personal brand for 10+ years, landing me big jobs, consulting partnerships, and countless great friends. I haven’t had the courage to pursue it full time without a safety net until now. Three things have changed that:

1. Most legit consumer finance content continues to disappear behind paywalls. This is unfair to people who need reliable, no-bullsh*t commentary on all financial and real estate issues impacting their lives. The Basis Point has served this purpose since day one, and now we’ll see how far it can be taken as a free resource to help people make better financial decisions.

2. Rapid tech advancement is causing lending, banking, real estate, and all other consumer finance services to converge. This creates huge strategy, dealmaking, positioning, brand identity, and customer acquisition challenges for startups and incumbents alike. We discuss this convergence often (recent examples here and here), and companies must understand how to execute in this disruptive era. Brands must be scalable to keep growth and pivot options open. Companies must protect core revenue models while remaining nimble about new opportunities. And they must have a smart go-to-market playbook when new opportunities arise. The Basis Point’s consulting division advises companies on how to assimilate and execute on all of this, so please get in touch.

3. Traditional PR is dying a slow death in the social era, and traditional advertising with huge media buys is often too expensive or ineffective at storytelling and brand building. Companies in consumer finance and real estate must win customer trust with truly creative and personalized storytelling, then use that content to engage across the entire sales and customer lifecycle. The Basis Point’s media division collaborates with consumer and B2B companies to do this right, so let’s work together to find your voice, personalize your customer engagement, build your brand, and earn/retain customers.

I appreciate you following along as The Basis Point strives to educate, entertain, lift up great ideas, and contribute more than ever to serving consumers as a member of the financial community. I’ll be shouting out many individuals in new posts over the coming weeks, and I intend to make this a very public entrepreneurial adventure. I will openly share all the bumps and bruises along the way so maybe you, or someone you know, will end up better for it.

Now back to the grind. More cool announcements shortly…


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