The Very Worst of LinkedIn

LinkedIn streams have improved this year with more workplace and industry commentary, but still too many overwrought infographics and weak platitudes (which are all weak by the way). Plus it’s getting more polluted with leaders trying to seem smart or off-the-cuff, yet their posts are just more weak platitudes or reek of conference room white board debate.

But at least these leaders are trying, and eventually they (and their handlers) will find a voice. I’ve got patience to watch that evolve because everyone must find their personal and corporate voice. To remain relevant, we must come with original takes, go completely off-the-cuff so polish matters less, or some combination of both.

I’ll comment more on this shortly. In the meantime, I’ve completely lost patience with infographics like the kind you see below. Really people? Is this your most original take on working life? Or am I the only A-hole who thinks this is the very worst of LinkedIn?