A Salute To Twitter Quitters For Redefining ‘Hardcore’ Workforce


Score one for the Twitter workers who flipped the ‘hardcore’ workplace script this week.

Elon’s ‘be Extremely Hardcore or leave’ mandate may work in manufacturing, but not in tech and media — so far, anyway.

Makes sense. People with tech and media resumes arguably have more career options than those in manufacturing. Plus tech and media work cultures are more ephemeral, making workers more nomadic.

More important, the “we’re making the world a better place” tech recruiting and retention trope has always been disingenuous, and Elon’s cavalier “free speech absolutist” approach to Twitter is the opposite of any world-improving in his auto, space, and other businesses.

Even those who believe this trope will still go Make The World A Better Place in a less asshole-y place when their hand is forced.

Twitter quitters proved that this week, and I salute their hardcore decision to reject bad management.

This doesn’t mean they can’t hang in a super intense workplace. It means they chose not to support henchman culture.


Twitter’s Mass Resignations Test Elon Musk’s Management Playbook (WSJ)

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