U.S. needs half a million construction workers, but nobody seems interested


Entrenched NIMBY-ism pushing local building restrictions is a key reason we have such a housing shortage in America.

And a shortage of skilled trade workers slows builders even more.

I agree with Robb Sommerfeld, co-founder of the National Center for Craftsmanship, that working with your hands is absolutely not a stigma many younger workers seem to think it is.

Here’s Erica Pandey at Axios with more details, including the fact that, not only does trade work provide a reliable, well-paid career (especially if you don’t have a college degree), but a four-year degree and a bunch of student loan debt doesn’t guarantee a higher income.

App rate for technical jobs like plumber & electrician down 49% 2020 to 2022.

Check It Out:

The decline of the trades

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