Watch how it’s done boy. It looks easy.

Back in May I said I’d comment on the new Beastie Boys album once I had a chance to process it. Not all long-term pros make handiwork of the impossible, so I like to study each person’s craft before commenting or committing. That goes for my music and my business partners.

I’ll focus my Beastie comments on one song, embedded below. Ad-Rock’s first-verse flow (most notably at 1:00) blows doors off any rapper in the game, and like he says: it looks easy. That’s the name of any game. So I dedicate this installment of bTunes to all of my committed mortgage, real estate, and blogging friends and partners. You know who you are. I know you make it look easy. And together we’re the Nonstop Disco Powerpack. Stay tuned for more posts mentioning your name and quoting your expertise.

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