What Not To Wear For A Night Out

This is off topic from a finance perspective, but notable from a retail industry standpoint. There’s a new lifestyle, nightlife magazine in San Francisco called InGen and their premier issue had an article about ‘Sophisticated Urban’ style which is shown in full below (since it’s a print mag and their website only shows the flash version of the mag) … this is useful information for those who are corporate types with a taste for nightlife and trying to find the middle between the corporate look and the fully urban look. And if you think it’s wearing a fancy designed t-shirt under a blazer, think again. The article talks about how Ed Hardy, the purveyor of Von Dutch and then the ubiquitous Japanese tattoo-like designed shirts, is over after booking $1b in sales since 2004. ‘Over’ in the what’s-cool-right-now style sense, not the marketable sense. The story includes a great anecdote about how the end is near for Ed Hardy when a known rapper couldn’t get into Tryst at the Wynn in Vegas because he didn’t have the right ‘sophisticated urban’ look, kicking off rumors like: “Tao is blackballing Ed Hardy.” Funny stuff and good fashion tips.

Sophisticated Urban (c) InGen MagazineSophisticated Urban (c) InGen Magazine