What San Francisco Coronavirus Lockdown Signals For Other Cities


San Francisco goes on lockdown at midnight Monday, March 16. Here are the details as a signal for what has or might come for other cities - - The Basis Point coronavirus rate update 3-16-20

I’m in San Francisco and just watched Mayor London Breed and team brief the city on a coronavirus lockdown at midnight. Here are my extremely fast notes from the press conference, and I’ll update this shortly with more notes, links, and clarity. San Francisco is among the cities taking decisive action, so this is a good signal for what’s to come for other cities.

Tonight at midnight, San Franciscans are required to stay at home except for essential outings until April 7.

The time now is not to panic, it’s to come together and follow the directives.

It’s enforceable as a misdemeanor, but we’re asking for voluntary compliance. It’s about educating the public.

Fire, transit, sanitation, policy, will all be there.

Grocery, pharmacies, hospitals open.

Restaurants for takeout only.

Not putting a ban on food delivery.

Remain at home for all but essential outings for your safety and the safety of those around you.

Don’t panic.

When you need to go to grocery store, you can go.

But maintain at least 6 feet between you and others.

This is latest in other measures detailed here:

– $10m paid sick leave package for non-city employees

– advance paid sick leave for city employees

– deferring biz taxes and licensing fees

– supporting non-profits

– moratorium on residential evictions


We’re entering a new phase in our response based on data, science, and facts.

As we look at patterns, we’re seeing rapidly escalating cases and illness, which requires an escalating response.

This is why we’re implementing this step.

Everyone in San Francisco who can must remain at home until April 7.

The coronavirus is spreading in our community and we need to slow it down.

Bay Area (6 counties) agreed on this step.

Now is time to prevent situation from getting worse in coming days and weeks.

Every hour counts.

We are committed to providing the most current information on the sfgov and dept of health sites.

Please don’t rush to emergency rooms for non-emergency needs. Dont overwhelm emergency systems, we need them to care for people who are seriously ill.

Call your doctor if it’s not urgent.

Don’t rush anywhere.

You can still get food, run errands, care for family, and hike alone as long as you keep 6 feet between you.

Grocery stores, banks, laundromats, pharmacies will be open.

Restaurants will do take out.

Stay informed with the facts, and don’t propagate rumors.

First priority is to slow spread.

This order escalates that response.

Do everything we can to protect vulnerable populations — especially those over 60 or those who are already sick.

We must protect healthcare workers.

They are courageously on the front lines, and we must provide them with protection and support to do their jobs.

We greatly appreciate the way the city is coming together.

All San Franciscans please do your part and abide by the order.

Check in on your neighbors.

Don’t leave your kids with elderly family members.

We all must do our part or it’s useless.

Working on locations for homeless and other vulnerable populations to self-quarantine.



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