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Friday Funk: Hi Tension

British funk pioneers help get your cool back after Brexit chaos.

Friday Funk: ode to ledengary funk guitarist Will Bernard

Get your cool back for the weekend with this funk guitar lineage story, and two accompanying tracks.

State of the mortgage industry – dispatch from Mastermind 2016

What does a huge sales conference tell us about the state of the industry. A lot as it turns out.

Business Insider reinvented financial media within 8 years, and now CEO Henry Blodget wants to fix capitalism

Step 1: dominate financial media in the social media era. Step 2: Fix the entire capitalistic system.

Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert’s Yahoo Bid: Crazy or Genius?

Endless synergies come from pairing web’s top finance and sports destinations with country’s top mortgage company and NBA team.

Friday Funk: Fire – Ohio Players

Tunes to help the Dubs (and everyone out there) get their cool back for the weekend.

Julian Hebron’s latest on Zillow – top story again

A word on what I’ve learned writing for the most read housing site on the web.

Top 25 Retail Mortgage Lenders – 2015 Rankings

See which lenders are leading the pack in U.S. mortgage lending.

Friday Funk: Everything I Do Gohn Be Funky From Now On

Musical manifesto to help you get your cool back for the weekend.

Originations: core lending market themes

Originations linkfest to thin out my cluttered browser tabs.

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