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John Oliver On Credit Reports

ICYMI here’s a hilarious and astute primer on credit reports from John Oliver.

Friday Funk: Hiding

Get your cool back for the weekend … or for the first time in 2.7 years.

Originations: Race To Master Digital Mortgages

Originations linkfest highlights U.S. mortgage market share, the race for digital mortgages, regulatory update, and social media risk control for companies.

If the Fed could talk trash on Twitter

Gallows humor from Fed meetings that took place during the crisis years.

testing testing 1 2 3

After a 2.5 year hiatus, TheBasisPoint relaunch is coming…

Should Homebuilders Fear Higher Rates?

Here’s whey borrowers won’t disappear if rates rise 1%

Trulia chief economist Jed Kolko: higher rates won’t derail housing

Data to support why housing can survive a higher rate market.

MBA Head David Stevens on rate spike, mortgage interest deduction

CNBC interview. When the mortgage industry’s frontman in Washington talks taxation, take note.

Mortgage rates could rise to 5% at least: BAML

Rates are already up 1.25% this year to 4.5%. And it could get worse.

Friday Funk: You Gots To Chill

A triple shot of funk to chill you out after a particularly funky market week.

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