Originations: Jumbo Mortgage Edition

Bloomberg’s @JodyShenn is a must read/follow for those who watch the business end (as opposed to consumer end) of the jumbo (or non-government-backed) mortgage market. His signature work habit is to remain quiet for a week or two while researching then he’ll publish several stories back to back. He’s been on a run since last Wednesday, so today’s Originations linkfest is another Jody Shenn Edition…

– Limited Mortgage Finance Role For Government Gains Support (Shenn 2/20)

– JP Morgan To Sell First non-Government Backed Mortgage Bonds Since Crisis. (Shenn 2/20)

– Record Mortgage Profits Seen Shrinking. My firm was interviewed for this piece (Shenn 2/22)

– Moody’s Promises Caps On Mortgage Bond Ratings As Terms Loosen (Shenn 2/25)

– Redwood Plans To Securitize $7b This Year (Shenn 2/22, Bloomberg terminal excerpt:)

Redwood plans to acquire and securitize ~$7b of residential mortgage loans in 2013, Redwood said in letter to investors. Plans include acquiring “jumbo conforming” loans, those between $417k and $625.5k. Fees agencies charge originators to guarantee these loans are rising while Redwood operations, securitizations are “becoming more efficient.” “As a result, we believe Redwood will be able to compete for and generate revenues from the acquisition and securitization of jumbo conforming loans.” In commercial sector, plans include originating for sale $1b of senior commercial loans, and originating for investment $150m of mezzanine commercial loans.