Linkage: Dare call yourself an entrepreneur?

If you dare call yourself an entrepreneur, read James Altucher’s piece below to ensure your self-applied title is legit. Today’s links also include a negative outlook on Zillow’s IPO, a great write-up on Fannie’s economic outlook, and a word on home appraisals from FoxBusiness—so it has to be legit. -Fannie Mae Outlook: Economy Hits Air

Mortgage approval process may cease in a shutdown

Regarding the government shutdown, Caroline Baum wrote this on Bloomberg: What if the U.S. government shut down and no one noticed? Even worse (or better, depending on one’s point of view), what if all federal workers went on furlough and the public realized there were benefits, not just costs, to smaller government? Essential services will

BofA Bad Loan Ripple Effect

Let’s see: the US government helps out BofA, and is now asking them to buyback loans? An investor group (including PIMCO, BlackRock, and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York) is deciding whether to sue BofA even after BofA’s recent loan buyback settlement with Fannie and Freddie. As BofA is hammered by bond investors to