Loan Modifications

Linkage: Refi Help For Underwater Owners?

Today’s must-read links… -New Government-Assisted Refi Program Coming (MarketWatch) -CHART: Areas With Most-Underwater Homes (NewYorkTimes) -The Eurozone Crisis Explained in Brief (RobertSinn) -Kids With Huge Jobs At Treasury (BusinessWeek) -UK Shifting from ARMs to 30yr Fixed? (FT) -Is Teaching A Profession (Weakonomics)

Linkage: Good Luck Getting 4% Mortgage

Today’s must-read Originations links. I’ll comment more tomorrow on the CNNMoney piece. Mainstream media just can’t get it right: they’re either parroting expired Freddie rates Thursdays through Sundays, or they’re going alarmist with rate comments they don’t understand. -Europe Bailout Fund Will Have $6 Zillion Dollars – #sarcasm (iBankCoin) -Can Govt Get Loan Modifications Right

Forecast On Foreclosures & Loan Modifications

Usually I don’t repeat foreclosure numbers, for a variety of reasons. But the latest numbers were so bad I had to say something: the number of notices of default jumps 25.9% from the second quarter. An estimated 71,275 notices of default were filed against California properties during the three months that ended Sept. 30, with

Will Government Help With Underwater Homes (part 2)

In general markets trade off of future prospects and the prospects of a huge government-sponsored refi plan is roiling the markets. Any plan must help a broad group of homeowners, stimulate the economy, and cost next-to-nothing. Below is a continuation of yesterday’s post, and I also did some more analysis for mortgage banking consultants Stratmor