AI is over. Now it’s OI. Get your head in the game. Literally.


We’ve done a bunch of fun and important posts recently (below) about AI and robots coming for all the humans’ jobs. But we didn’t have our heads in the game, literally, because the new thing is human brain-powered biocomputers which will run circles around AI.

“Organoid intelligence,” or OI, powered by living human brain cells could one day outperform any artificial system, and do it far more efficiently too.

If you’re all wonky, click ‘brainiacs’ link below for the super-scientific explanation from Frontiers science journal. Smart for sure, but made my eyes glaze over and gave me stress-filled AP Bio flashbacks.

If you’re more like me and prefer the high points in language for people who didn’t attend med school, click ‘beginners’ below for their lay-people version.

Should robots be worried?

Can someone ask Sydney and let me know below? She broke my spirit last time.

And one last fun/technical note on Dennis’ artwork above:

Our o/ooo icon points to human brain’s cerebellum, which controls balance for walking, standing, and other complex motor functions, like dominating AI. Which Dennis does even when using Dall-E for select parts of our source art 🙂

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