As BuzzFeed pits AI robots against humans, I might favor the robots


I wanted to be outraged. Especially if actual employees are losing real jobs to robots as a result of BuzzFeed’s recent AI expansion announcement.

But based on my super in depth research (2-hour online quiz binge), I discovered the majority of BuzzFeed quizzes are actually created by “community contributors” (aka, readers), not BuzzFeed writers.

During my deep dive (I’ll never get those 2 hours back), I answered hundreds of multiple choice questions to find out my age, zodiac sign, who I’ll marry, how many kids I’ll have, and what I’ll weigh tomorrow at 4pm. You name it, there’s a quiz on it.

It must be a statistical anomaly how INFREQUENTLY they actually hit the nail on the head, given how many quizzes I completed.

Call me crazy … but like BuzzFeed investors who bid up the stock heavily on this news, I kind of want to see how the robots do. At least for this one.

Capitalism loves when machines can overthrow humans, and the revolution is gaining steam in media with BuzzFeed’s new AI content deal

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