Apple pays $5m for Michael Lewis ‘Going Infinite’ book (due Oct 3) on Sam Bankman-Fried crypto grift


First, the answer is Yes, Michael Lewis is the best financial storyteller ever. Ben Mezrich might be close, but I challenge you to offer anyone with a better mix of journalism, analysis, and entertainment. The new Michael Lewis Sam Bankman-Fried book “Going Infinite” about the rise and fall of FTX — and crypto overall — comes out October 3, and Apple already optioned the TV and movie rights.

The link below has Peter Kiefer at The Anlker with details. Also, here are 3 fun facts:

1. Kiefer’s site The Ankler has a name derived from legendary Hollywood trade mag Variety term ‘ankle’ which means ‘to quit or be dismissed from a job, without necessarily specifying which.’ Variety’s famous Slanguage dictionary contains this and other brilliant words to make Hollywood writing sound less like AI.

2. Before The Ankler, Kiefer was a Real Estate editor at Hollywood Reporter, another major Hollywood trade, which is spot on for The Basis Point given our housing roots. As for The Ankler, it was founded by Hollywood media vet Richard Rushfield along with Janice Min as an answer to Hollywood trade media consolidation — cool background here if you’re interested.

3. Variety, Hollywood Reporter, and another movie trade called Deadline are all now owned by Penske Media, showing how even the best media consolidates, then teams like The Ankler break off and build the matrix anew.

Details on Michael Lewis Sam Bankman-Fried book about rise & fall of FTX. Book release Oct 3, Apple productions to follow. Also 3 fun facts on Hollywood media.

Check It Out:

Inside Hollywood's SBF Mad Scramble (The Ankler)



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