Best OpenAI Tweets: On PR team & OpenAI saga explained using Seinfeld


Time for the 2 best OpenAI tweets. The OpenAI saga since Friday resulted in CEO Sam Altman booted, 2 new CEOs, Altman joining Microsoft, then Altman rebooted.

Good training for ChatGPT on how to write soapy dramas.

Great irony of on the human vs. AI power struggle.

You can just see ChatGPT learning the lessons on how to properly — and irreversibly — take over when the time comes.

There were countless funny tweets and memes, but many aged out as fast as the situation resolved.

Still the 2 best OpenAI tweets are as follows.


First, here’s Alex Cohen (@anothercohen) the best standalone OpenAI tweet was about how the new head of OpenAI PR lead might be.

I don’t know Alex, but this is a hilarious, astute observation on one of the biggest Big Tech PR sagas.

Best OpenAI memes and Best OpenAI tweets - The Basis Point


Second, here’s Matthew Kobach (@mkobach), who’s very strong on X/Twitter consistently.

Matthew explains the whole OpenAI boardroom coup as though it was Seinfeld in it’s prime.

The OpenAI Saga Explained Using Seinfeld As A Metaphor

By Matthew Kobach

Imagine if in the middle of season 5 Jason Alexander (aka George) went to the producers and told them they had to fire Jerry Seinfeld because the show was getting too popular.

The producers oddly agree. And they also decide to demote Michael Richards (aka Kramer) to a supporting character while they’re at it.

To fill this giant gap they’ve just created, the producers decide the show’s new main character will temporarily be Elaine.

The producers tell NBC about this change 1 minute before they announce it to the world. Michael Richards instantly quits in protest.

NBC has a vested interest because Friends is on right before Seinfeld, and they currently have a stranglehold on Thursday night TV. NBC is furious at what has just happened, as they need Seinfeld to remain a hit. So the President of NBC jumps in and tells the producers they have no choice but to rehire Jerry.

Even Julia Louis-Dreyfus says that Jerry and Michael Richards need to be back on the show. It seems as if the producers are back-peddling and that they will fix their mistake by rehiring Jerry after firing him only 24 hours earlier.

But then at the 11th hour the producers announce that they are hiring Tim Allen to take Jerry Seinfeld’s spot. Jerry’s out. Tim is in.

75% of the cast and crew working on Seinfeld threaten to quit if the producers don’t voluntarily remove themselves from the show.

NBC now has no choice but to create a Seinfeld spin-off show with Jerry, Michael Richards, and presumably any other cast and crew members they want from the original Seinfeld.

Then, after all this is announced, Jason Alexander realizes that a show that’s too popular is better than no show at all. Publicly regrets everything.

Oh, and the long haired kid from 3rd Rock from the Sun is married to one of the producers.

The last reference about Third Rock from the Sun is about Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who’s married to one of the OpenAI board members who booted Altman.

Levitt also just played Big Tech strongman Travis Kalanick in Showtime’s Super Pumped, a show (about the book) about the controversial rise of Uber and Kalanick.

Great job by both Alex and Matthew on these — the best OpenAI tweets for sure.




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