Career Cruise Control: Will you notch the biggest wins of your career at age 60, like Tom Cruise?


Tom Cruise turns 60 this week and Top Gun: Maverick just became his first billion dollar movie.

Think about that. It took one of the biggest stars in the world 40 years to hit the coveted billion dollar movie mark — and now finally has at age 60.

The link below describes how he’s still all over by the globe promoting this movie before he goes to resume work on the next installment of his Mission Impossible franchise. Relentless.

Yes, of course things come easier for people who’ve been rich and famous for decades.

But I’m instead choosing to interpret this as: things can keep getting better for people who can and will work relentlessly.

I’ve spent more time lately mulling how our careers play out as we reach and pass through midlife.

It’s easy to get too proud, confident, comfortable, greedy, and entitled. It’s even easier to get tired, discouraged, marginalized, pushed around, and angry.

These things apply to everyone in early, mid, late, or twilight careers.

So I’m not inspired by this Tom Cruise career milestone because it glorifies relentless work.

I’m inspired because it shows what can happen if you stick with your chosen game despite all these things that can derail us as we get older.

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