Cash App rules everything around me, Apple Card underwhelms, $600b in unicorns

Getting your brand’s name dropped in a rap song is a marketer’s dream, so the marketing team at Square’s Cash App is probably pretty happy right now.

Cash App is the current vogue brand to shout out. “Hit my Cash App” has supplanted “Venmo me” as the brand-verbing du jour, as evidenced by this weekend’s writeup in the Wall Street Journal. Cold hard cash is so 90’s.

But there’s no telling if Jay-Z will stop rapping about his black Amex and rap about the Apple credit card. According to the Journal’s review of the new card, it’s basically just a physical reminder to use Apple Pay for everything. However, apparently you can get it if you have relatively bad credit, so that’s a plus.

Some things never change, though. New data from the National Association of Realtors and a survey from the National Association of Home Builders confirm two pieces of conventional wisdom. Home buyers want the same things they’ve always wanted from homes: good schools for their kids, and basics like laundry rooms.

For those with fixer-uppers, though, not everyone has the cash to upgrade: While almost 3/4 of homeowners wish they could remodel, 60% admit they can’t afford it. Somebody better hit their Cash App.

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