CHARTS: Top 15 U.S. Cities People Moved In and Out of Most Last Year


Don’t miss these great charts from CoreLogic economist Archana Pradhan on the top cities people moved in and out of most in 2022.

Her data confirms the trend we knew which is that people moved to more affordable cities during the pandemic.

But it’s especially interesting to see which cities had bigger inflows and outflows in 2022, when rates were spiking and people had to start going back to the office.

Table 1 above is sorted by net out-migration in 2022, and table 2 is sorted by net in-migration in 2022.

Go read Archana’s post where she offers some other observations about specific cities, including trends in places like Austin that had big inflows, but then that reversed as it got more expensive.

During the pandemic, people left cities in search of affordability, outdoor amenities, and warmer weather. But now it's shifting again.

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