Credit Default Swap Primers

Yesterday I posted a little credit default swap (CDS) primer from John Mauldin explaining the Greek CDS situation.

Another Stocktwits blogger and former trader KidDynamite commented with some clarifications to the post. I asked him for some more resources on CDS research and he gave me a few good links which I’m listing below, starting with one he wrote in awesome pop culture style.

-Greek CDS: No Soup For You! (KidDynamite)

-Mandatory Greek CDS Post (DealBreaker)

-Gross vs. Net CDS Exposure (FT Alphaville by CDS ace Lisa Pollack)

As for me, I cover CDS periodically to explain how rate markets react to distressed debt situations like in 2008 and of course like now with Greece and other Eurozone countries. I don’t pretend to know fine details of these technical instruments, but I try to discuss them in a way that consumers can understand their basic function and impact on rate markets. Here’s my latest take: quite simplified, but serves as a basic briefing on current market impact of CDS.

Thanks for your help KD.

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