Financial Times on the age of bluster

Social streams and email inboxes only get busier, not better, so it’s always a treat when great headlines rise up. Today my inbox rewarded me with this one from the FT: Introducing Swamp Notes, our new subscriber only newsletter on Money and Power in Trump’s America.

The title alone won me over, and judging by the first two installments of this new Monday/Thursday FT feature, the format is perfect: quick commentary on a single topic of the day, then shoutouts and links to stories that Swamp Notes team Rana Foroohar and Edward Luce are reading around the web. Always like seeing big media players act more bloggy.

The FT of course has many great blogs, and Swamp Notes, while not quite a blog, is just the latest addition to the mix. If you’re an FT subscriber, you need to check it out. And if you’re not, I can offer this:

About two years ago, I let a bunch of paid subscriptions (including FT) expire because I felt there was enough good free content. But the ‘age of bluster’ — as Rana/Edward call it in today’s installment — has made it much harder to find good news and commentary. This year I finally realized more/louder content means nothing, so I started renewing subscriptions, and the FT is a must on many levels.