Friday Funk: Already Ready Already – Galactic


The past couple Fridays I’ve compared our team here at The Basis Point to a band being in sound check mode while Spencer, Dennis, Adam, and I tune up our voice to give finance to you cool. Each week we’re getting stronger, faster, more creative at serving you tasty financial nuggets you can devour or savor.

As with any band that takes their shit seriously, nothing is a throwaway. We study, debate, and create every element of every post every day so it teaches you in terms you get, and maybe cracks you up. And while I don’t think we’ll reach Already Ready Already mode until we have more months of this routine under our belt, our jam sessions keep getting funkier.

Galactic on the other has been ready rocking the funk scene for decades, and their new album Already Ready Already dropped today.

Their first new joint in three years expands their palette into what they call funk pop ‘n’ roll to make it more accessible for the masses, but Friday Funk purists should know the album is supported by three pillars at beginning, middle, end with first track Already, sixth track Goose Grease, and last track Ready Already.

I dedicate all three to The Basis Point team I’m so lucky to be a part of. With the energy we’ve got, I feel like we could rock our scene for decades.

But for now it’s time for all you Friday Funk followers to hit play and your cool back for the weekend.

Liner Notes:

-If you like Friday Funk, here’s the full Friday Funk playlist on Spotify.

-If you don’t like Friday Funk, please consult our music policy.

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