Friday Funk: The Guidelines

Earlier today, Dennis sent some of our dopest artwork yet for a piece by Spencer I’d just finished editing to put up tomorrow. I said to Spencer that this first 90 days with him on board is just a sound check. He’s a musician so my message came through clear. We’re not looking to do what anyone else does. Financial media totally lacks creativity so The Basis Point is following its own guidelines.

As such, tonight’s Friday Funk installment caters to both our fellow funk followers and all you fans of our rap posts. The Guidelines by lyrical legend Aceyalone is off his 1998 Book of Human Language which is just as fresh two decades later. Partly because it’s a manifesto to let your skills and commitment lead you down a new path. And partly because the beat is constructed off jazz man Oliver Nelson’s 1975 Baja Bossa. Acey is one of the early pioneers of jazz rap, which is straight funky in my book.

So check it out and get your cool back for the weekend. And if you’re wondering what comes after sound check for The Basis Point, this lyric from The Guidelines provides a signal…

You can play the sideline, write rhymes in your spare time
cause I’d rather stimulate your mind than emulate your purpose
And we have only touched on the surface of the serpent

And if you want to hear Oliver Nelson’s Baja Bossa, here it is…

Liner Notes:

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