Friday Funk: Call Your Mom


This 110th installment of The Basis Point’s Friday Funk is Call Your Mom by Seattle’s Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio, aka DLO3. Here’s why:

Three weeks ago while driving and multitasking, I was lecturing my mom on the phone about paying more attention to her personal safety during daily activities. Then I abruptly dropped her to take a business call. Two days later I got a call saying she had an accident and was hospitalized.

This period since has been one of the more difficult of my adult life. I’ll spare you the details, but will share this:

I’ve thought a lot about how we tune out parental safety lectures as kids. How we’re too busy to call our moms as young adults. How we assume the role of lecturer when we’re middle adults trying to care for both kids and parents.

And how life is just so fkn hard so much of the time.

But if life didn’t feel hard, maybe we’re not trying hard enough to make life better for ourselves, families, friends, and coworkers. We cannot let our family or career ships go down, despite the extreme gravity of our current situations.

So Call Your Mom, off DLO3’s 2021 album I Told You So, is a temporary elixir as I try to get my cool back for the weekend — and keep showing up focused for my family and business commitments.

It sure doesn’t feel cool right now. But in the end, maybe nothing else will seem cooler. And DLO3’s feel-good funk sure does help.

Sending love and respect to all you Basis Pointers this weekend.

The Basis Point Friday Funk Installment 110 - Delvon Lamarr Call Your Mom - Play It Now
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